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Altered Beast Review

WARNING: This feature is scheduled for a re-review.

There is so many positive things I could say about ‘Altered Beast’ that praise the game to the skies. But unfortunately I’ve got to look at this spectacle critically.

‘Altered Beast’ is another classic retro title set in Greek mythology. You have been summoned by Zeus to battle your way through the Underworld to rescue Athena. ‘Altered Beast’ is a short-lived title but an immensely enjoyable one.

The gameplay is simple; you are a man who must destroy as many monsters in each stage to collect power-ups dropped by blue, 3 headed dogs which enable you to become a little more ‘beefier’ resulting in more power. After 3 of these power-ups you turn into a beast. You become a different beast depending on what stage you are playing. As a beast, you gain 2 special abilities in which you can use to destroy the remaining monsters in the level but most importantly allow you to take on the end-of-level boss. The game is relatively simple to understand while playing and very, VERY enjoyable.

But unfortunately the game is a little dated compared to later side-scrolling beat-em-ups like ‘Streets of Rage’ and ‘Golden Axe’ so the levels remain very simple with repetitive scenery. The bosses are relatively easy to beat which means you proceed through the game very quickly. On the other hand the soundtrack is brilliant. All the music in ‘Altered Beast’ is well suited and brilliantly memorable. It’s also nice to hear some very clear audio-clips being used which play as much of an important part to the game as the gameplay! ‘Rise from your grave!’

Overall, ‘Altered Beast’ is a must-own game. Yes, it is a little dated but when did that ever stop you from playing vastly enjoyable games?


Written by Sonic Yoda on 17/3/06

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