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Infra Red Control Pad II

A 6 button wireless Mega Drive controller that requires 2 AAA batteries to function. A receiver attachment must be plugged into the Mega Drive’s controller ports in order for the controller to work. The box comes with 2 infra red control pads and a receiver. The pads also feature a mode button to switch from 6 button controls to 3 button controls as some older Mega Drive games don’t work correctly with 6 button controls. The receiver also has a switch that forces the receiver to only accept a single controller’s signal. Because of the infra red signal, the controllers need to have a clear line of sight to the receiver otherwise they can lose connectivity easily. The controllers are marked with model number MK-1629-50 and the receiver is marked with model number MK-1648-50.

infrared01 001 infrared02 001 infrared03 001 infrared04 001 infrared05 001 infrared06 001

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