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RadioSEGA’s WinterFest Kicks Off on Friday and We’re a Part of It!


RadioSEGA’s WinterFest returns this Friday the 18th of December and we’ll be making a special appearance on Saturday with a one-off Cyber Razor Cut! Our show will go live at 8pm GMT on Saturday the 19th of December and will run for 2 hours. We should have a prize to giveaway as well so if you wanna bag some loot then you’ll have to listen live!

You can check out the full schedule below:

Friday, 18th December, 2015
– 7pm GMT (2pm ET/11am PT) – RSN Live with voice
– 8pm GMT (3pm ET/12pm PT) – SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy
– 10pm GMT (5pm ET/2pm PT) – FiGHTS: into Streams… with Ravsieg
– Midnight GMT (7pm ET/4pm PT) – Club SEGA with I Need Fruit
– 2am GMT (9pm ET/6pm PT) – The Voice of SEGA with DrScottnik
– 4am GMT (11pm ET/8pm PT) – Blastmas Live! with The Blast Processors
– 5am GMT (Midnight ET/9pm PT) – Last Call: The WinterFest Sessions with Audio Sprite

Saturday, 19th December, 2015
– 3pm GMT (10am ET/7am PT) – The Sonic Show’s Christmas Craptacular 2: The Crappening
– 5pm GMT (12pm ET/9am PT) – VOCALAND with Tracker_TD
– 6pm GMT (1pm ET/10am PT) – The Weekend Bonanza with Andy
– 8pm GMT (3pm ET/12pm PT) – The Cyber Razor Cut with SonicYoda
– 10pm GMT (5pm ET/2pm PT) – SEGA AGES with Simon
– Midnight GMT (7pm ET/4pm PT) – Sanity Within Chaos with cdrom1019
– 2am GMT (9pm ET/6pm PT) – SEGA Nerdcast with SEGA Nerds
– 3am GMT (10pm ET/7pm PT) – Last Call: The WinterFest Sessions with Opus Science Collective
– 4am GMT (11pm ET/8pm PT) – Last Call: The WinterFest Sessions with Mykah
– 5am GMT (Midnight ET/9pm PT) – Last Call: The WinterFest Sessions with Dr. halc

Sunday, 20th December, 2015
– 3pm GMT (10am ET/7am PT) – SEGA Does Podcast with Dylan Cornelius and Sam ‘The Pixel Dude’
– 4pm GMT (11am ET/8am PT) – Sounding Ecco with Caverns of Hope
– 6pm GMT(1pm ET/10am PT) – The SEGA Lounge with KC and SSF1991
– 8pm GMT (3pm ET/12pm PT) – Sega Addicts AM
– 10pm GMT (5pm ET/2pm PT) – Saturday Night SEGA with Gavvie
– 11pm GMT (6pm ET/3pm PT) – Rest Past the Grind with EsperK
– Midnight GMT (7pm ET/4pm PT) – Last Call: The WinterFest Sessions with RoBKTA

Full details can be found at RadioSEGA. We look forward to seeing as many of you listening in as possible!

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